GSA is a global network of sport enthusiasts that want to leave a healthy and rich natural environment for our future generations and are taking action through the Ecoflag Movement.
The cause of global environmental problems has been the prioritization of economic activity, whilst ignoring the scientific facts and physical limitations of the world around us. For many environmental problems are considered someone else’s problem, without recognizing the need for the kind of social change that will bring fundamental solutions.


Name NPO Global Sports Alliance (GSA)
Established 11 November 1999
Activities 1. To promote environmental awareness and action through a global sports network.
2. Educating future generations of environmentally aware children.
3. Increase the promotion of sports, culture and arts.
4. International cooperation.
5. Increase the promotion of the city planning.
6. Disaster Relief


GSA History

Officers List

Chairman Yuichiro Miura(Pro skier, CLARK Memorial International High School Principal)http://www.snowdolphins.com/
Vice-chairman Naoko Okada(Igfy Corporation CEO)
Directors Isao Aoki(Pro golfer)
Seiichi Kanise (Journalist, Meiji University School of Global Japanese Studies professor)
Shuzo Matsuoka (Former pro tennis player)
Masaaki Morita (Japan Tennis AssociationHonorary chairman)
Isao Watanabe(Japan Professional Tennis AssociationVice-president)
Auditor Satoru Ito
Advisor Tatsuo Okada,
Hisashi Kato,
Shinji Tanimura,
Terumasa Hino,
Hiroshi Matsumoto,
Hanae Mori,
Hiroo Mori ,
Hideo Morita



4-8-207 Nanpeidai-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0036


Promote the Ecoflag Movement by flying the Ecoflag and spreading the concept through sport.
Promote the ‘reduction reuse and recycling’ of sports equipment.(Sport-Eco.Net
Supporting disaster areas through sports.
Eco-energy promotion activity through sports.
An archive of environmental action in sport. (G-ForSE)