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1.Last July we flew the Ecoflag during the TransPacific (TRANSPAC) sailboat race
and then our boat Adrenalin, a Santa Cruz 50 participated in the Mega Expedition
Ocean Clean-up project. We collected ocean samples for plastic content all the
way back to San Franisco. I have enclosed the article and photos. We flew
the Ecoflag with the Ocean Clean-up flag.

2.We are holding the 9th Int’14 Pacific Rim Championships which has had
Ecoflag sponsorship with Horizon Lines since 2000. The event goes on every
other year; 2002, 2004, 2006 etc. There is a youth sailing component and education
on the Ecoflag movement and the importance of Clean air and Clean water.
There will be 28 competitors this time and we would like to give each person
a small Ecoflag. Our Ecoflag event is scheduled for 2-5 April this year.
I will send Ecoflag photos after the event.

Report from Andy Bates