The Cuba GSA team has kept a steady labor in the University of Pinar del Río, Cuba since 2006
and there have been many and different actions his members and collaborator have done in and
outdoor the Sports schools.

However, the captain has insisted every year to have a talk with the new students about
the GSA project to keep the legacy from year to year. It is conceived that these teachers in
formation will become the future professors of Physical Education and sports training and
that´s why it is really important that the Cuba GSA members try to arise the Environmental
awareness in students taking into account sports events and in their daily lives.

In this occasion the Cuba GSA Captain had a chat with the students of the Class number E21
from the Faculty of Physical Culture, University: “Hermanos Saíz Montes de Oca”.
He presented the project and focused on the ethic-social dimension of environment, so environment
is not only trees, water, soil and weather. Environment is also the students´ attitudes and
behaviors that can affect the social and inter personal environment. The captain and
the participating members declared open to any tutoring in terms of research and the Diploma work of the students in the future.