It has been five years since the Great East Japan Earthquake, and we have vigorously been promoting our Sports Recovery Program to give mental care to victims through various sports.
And last year, we started to take part in the memorial service held by Honzoji Temple in Ofunato, Iwate on March 11.


We offered eulogy messages written on water-soluble paper we had received from our GSA fellows to the sea.
This year, we, together with our Deputy Trustee, Ms. Okada and volunteer staffs, offered more than 300 messages and paper cranes to the sea.


【Messages given by】
◆ Volunteer staffs of GSA
◆Tokai University Tennis Club

◆ Aoba, Yokohama Campus of CLARK Memorial International High School

◆ Everyone at MIURA DOLPHINS
◆ Messrs. Yuichiro Miura, Emiri Miura, and Gota Miura

◆ GSA Trustees, Messrs. Kanise and Matsuoka


At 2:46pm when the devastating quake occurred, we observeda silent prayer under the sound of siren. It was the moment when the sobs of people who could not disguise their sorrow made us realize their heart was still in pain.


March 11, 2017 will be the sixth anniversary of thousands of deaths, which is one of the milestones in Buddhism rituals.
The annual memorial service in Ofunato, Iwate will be held by the sea in a larger scale.
The temple master has asked us to call for participation of many people as the day happens to be Saturday.

We at GSA will encourage everyone to participate, so if anybody is interested, please let us know.
GSA is determined to keep doing whatever we can the best we can.