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He is Reinaldo Licourt Valdés, more known as Arwichtz. He is 40 years old and lives in Pinar del Río, Cuba. He dedicates most of his time to reuse pasteboard material, discarded toys wheel and other parts to build toys on his own.
He makes toys with pasteboard by using what people throw to the garbage or what his neighbors give him to create his collection. He is an Eco artist indeed.
He has also given some donations to institutions of health in the territory.
What makes him really great is that he has challenged his own sickness. He has some disorders after birth time and that’s why he can’t go to school and develop the ordinary activities of people in his age. However he dedicates his time to create toys for children to play. I visited his house when I heard about this celebrity.
I talked to him about the importance of his work and the mission of GSA project.
We could understand each other in a common language. He appreciated very much my visit and we made friends. He invited me for dinner next time. It was a real great experience to me and Cuba GSA staff.

Report From Cuba