Today June 5 we decided to celebrate the International day of the environment showing the new multimedia that Cuba GSA has made to carry out environmental education in the sport faculty of Pinar del Río University, Cuba.

This software is meant to provide information and guide to sport promoters, professors of Physical education and Language teachers in order to give an environmental approach to their lessons. This material is divided into two sections, one for the professors and trainers and the another one for the student. In each and every sections all the viewers will find texts, videos, listening activities, manuals, glossaries, dictionaries and more about environment in English and Spanish.

It also shows many photos about the activities developed by Cuba GSA team just to serve as a model to follow by the new generations. We are very glad to count on this multimedia, product of hard and sustainable labor by Cuba GSA team, so we would like to exchange this material with other people from the GSA community.
It is important to say that this multimedia belongs to our Ecoflag movement and is also part of the Doctorate thesis that our Cuba GSA captain Fernando E. Valladares Fuente will defend next June 23. Let´s cross our fingers for him.