June 23 it has been a day of glory for all the GSA community. First because of the development of the GSA Annual Assembly and second beceuse of the graduation of our Cuba GSA captain now: PhD: Fernando Emilio Valladares Fuente.
This honorific title has been reached after three years process in which he was able to pass with outstanding marks.
The minimum test of English Language, Problems of Science and technology and the Exam of Specialty, centered on Didactics.
As the research, Captain presented his Didactic Model to develop environmental education through English teaching for Sport professionals. At the end of his speech he was appraised and flattered as a result of his systematic labor in research and environmental practices.

In the pictures you can see his tutors: PhD Luis Mijares and PhD Norberto Valcarcel Izquierdo.
Now as a Doctor Fernando has acquiered the sufficient competence to show and share his scientific product and at the same time establishing the Regional GSA network in Latinoamerica.

We hope to be useful with this proposal to environemetal promoters and to all those tecahers of English who agrees with the idea that English teaching is not only important to meet linguistic goals but also to contribute to the culture in general of our sports promoters.