In this school year the sport campus ( 2019-2020), University Pinar del Río got the assigment of
a very cruxial and outstanding mission: it is to start the University environmental day
( March 13. 2020).
As we have been leading example of the environmental action in our University,
developed mostly though sport activity and Eco flag movement , we just planned to activate some of
our students and professors in order to carry our green activites.
These actions were aimed at engaging our new generations with our eco-planet responsibility
so as to encourage our professors to lead this drive too.
First, we decided to plant ” the tree of friendship” and gave roles to our students
so they could participate more actively in the tree plantation. Later, we moved to the swimming pool
and to the river nearby just to apply our Monitoring water kit.
During the research we enjoyed the process of finding and sharing. It was a time for fun and personal growth.
The water in the pool revealed that it needed more chlorine and some restoration and
the river water showed that the wastes nearby were spoling the natural habitat of the water body.
It was just an experience that helped us to understand that there is still much to do for our environment.
The figures were reported to the high officials and soon we will be on the way to take actions regarding these problem.

Reported by PhD Fernando Emilio Valladares Fuente