Some of the responsibilities of the Cuba GSA team is to take care of the quality of
waters in which our children play, practice sports and share with their communities.
That´s why the University ( Cuba GSA Headquarter) takes actions to monitor the water
with the supporting kits and inform to the authorities the actual condition of the
In this new school year. our Cuba GSA captain has assigned the task to Adriana
(Guane municipality) Heidy Mayara ( Minas de Matahambre) and Yeleny ( Mantua)
to monitor their recreational waters nearby their communities and send back
the report to debate upon the findings.
In general scope the waters revised had an affected level of pollution.
It has been considered a starting point to coem to an agreement with local
authorities about the possible causes.
Our team is getting prepared to give the adequate instructions and
strategies to protect this vital resource.
Today our ever growing cities and towns need more water bodies to relax
and have a good time swimming and it is our duty to protect our ecosystem
for the present and future generations.
As follows you can see in the pictures our students doing the watching exercise
and flying our beloved Ecoflag.