Today in the morning I picked up PhD Kelly Dagan, professor of Illinois College,
and went on my electric motorcycle straight to the sport Campus, University, Pinar del Río.
The purpose was to show her our Sport Campus and get her familiar with the work we are doing
towards the relationship physical activity_ community.
Most of the work shown was about physical activity, rehabilitation room, departments, sport boards,
teachers, facilities, researchers, students, athletes, patients from the community,
the scientific journal, the work of the center of studies for the sport training in the high performance.
However,  what I defended with more bright, personally,  it was the labor of the Cuba GSA team.
The professor Kelly got impressed about our experiences despite our poor resources and compromised
to give the report of her visit to the rector of the Illinois College.
We think that enhancing our international relationship is an ideal way to compensate all the material
shortages we have just to start projects or collaboration with other more developed institutions.
We can´t cross our arms and jus say we have to wait that the crisis stops.
We need to make the difference because our time is now and the only way is to uniting people in
the common cause; the save humanity, to save the Earth and all the natural and built environment.

No matter our religions, our beliefs and our vertical politics that most of the times
these politics prove to be circumstantial, transitional in time.
In few words, we are brothers of the same human race.