Cuba is not only pushing ahead the creation of the Regional Interamerican GSA team
but also continues encouraging the local actions regarding environment and sports.
With the accompaniment of the University Pinar del Río, Cuba, his captain arranges
a systematic labor with  the scientific student team “ The Ecological Champions”.
This team is aimed at forming an environmental awareness in students as a solid
guarantee of the new generations.
As one of the tasks assigned by the captain the students carry out a diagnosis about
the quality of water in recreational water body sources. This diagnosis is based on
the standards of Ph, temperature, Turbidity and Oxygen.
By using WWMC instruments They try to evaluate the health of the ecosystem in
these bodies and the interaction of people along the recreational activities
like swimming, diving, fishing and other aquatic activities.

In the pictures you can see the situation of the water bodies mostly affected
by human beings neglect. This experiment is a consistent evidence to work of
environmental education in the communities.

As another team´s task where there is not water body around, some of the students
apply a characterization of the places where people often develop recreation activities .
By means of our Scientific Student´s group ” The Ecological Champions” is  trying to
assure that the spaces for our recreation gather the most adequate environmental
In the photo , Daidelis Arias Gutierrez ( a student of 3rd year in the degree of Physical Culture)
is carrying out activities such as chats, clean ups, recycling , reusing of sport
implements and preservation of the sport facility.

We will keep up this work as long as the Cuba GSA exists.
In this way we are also dedicating our efforts to the next Olympics of Japan, 2020.