This year 2018 has been  bringing  a lot of good news for our Ecoesport through
the Ecoflag movement. This new sport modality gives the opportunity to each and
every followers to discover and get familiar with different elements of nature.
The mapping, tracing and exchanging of ideas enrich the human values of people
while they get involved.
The GSA project in this new era have taken from many advanced projects such as
Ecoesporte to unite people with a common interest; saving our Earth from destruction
and extinction. This philosophy of Ecoesport chases to get an equilibrium between
society and the environment and at the same time gives a methodology to determine
the most endangered species and its relationship in the ecosystem.
His participants are as motivated as its sport technician.
Every year we instruct in the International Academy of Ecesport in Santa Marta another
volunteer to spread this ecological sport.
We are very sure that in this world integration we will find a strong tool to carry out
our necessary environmental education.


Report by Msc. Jose Otavio Franco Dornelles ( IAE GSA, Brazil)
Dr.C Fernando Emilio Valladares Fuente ( Cuba GSA )