The Captain of The Cuba GSA team had a business trip from April 15−23, 2018 motivated by the participation in a Congress of Sciences and Innovation, Cortazar, Guanajuato held in April 19−20.

Before taking part in this event our GSA leader visited the municipality of Léon, the second largest of Guanajuato.

There he met some important officers of sport at COMUDE, according to the acronyms in Spanish: Municipal Commission of Sports. They established formally a first attempt of academic and scientific interchange between this local sport entity and the University of Pinar  del Río, Faculty of Sports  ( the Headquarter of Cuba GSA team)

In a general view they got impressed about all the intellectual potentials of the Pinar del Río  Faculty and specifically about the sustainable and influencing job of the Cuba GSA agenda.

As one of the agreements coming out of the meeting there was highlighted the possible establishment of A GSA team in Punto Verde, the eventual place of meeting.

This initiative was originated because of the environmental approach this sport facility has been keeping some years ago. Nancy Neri is supposed to be the local GSA  captain since she has been the one responsible of registering the environmental records on water quality in the swimming pools and other ecological standards.

In the photo you can also see some members of our Cuba GSA team and the Director Dr. Rivera , sub director Néstor Rangel, the sport advisor of COMUDE,  BA.  Mario Carreño, The director of Punto Verde  and our brilliant Ecoflag.

We hope that this team becomes as impacting it has been Cuba and other teams in the world. This is our feeling, now let´s try together to make this dream possible.