January 6, 2018
I am showing you some slides of my multimedia to accompany the work with stability balls received from Gross Laasch, Germany last year 2017.
With a touch of imagination I innovated a guiding multimedia to provide information to our sport promoters in order to work with the gym balls already located in the local Autism school and in the therapeutic room at my Sport faculty of the University, Pinar del Río.
Here you can see the front of the Multimedia and some slides dedicated to the videos I took while I was visiting a German gym. I also took some information from internet, including some articles publicized on the topic.
This way our promoters can find a useful tool to start working. This is an example of what can be done among GSA network teams.
Up to this point the professor of Gross Laasch Gym Sr. Peter Tiederman wanted to establish a GSA team in his locality and he is on the way to fill the inscription form.
We are sure that the results will be amazing, so if you are motivated to follow our steps, please contact us and I will show you the way!!
Long live friendship, long live unity among human beings and Long live the GSA project!!

Report by the Cuba GSA captain