December, 20.Pinar del Río Cuba.

The Cuba GSA team received from Gross Laasch, Germany a set of gymnastic balls to improve the quality of life of Cuban citizens through physical activity.
As part of the philosophy of GSA The Cuba GSA team is aimed at seizing the World GSA network to exchange initiatives and sport equipment to better the standard of life of people who are a paramount element of the environment.
To implement these balls the Cuba GSA team planned to locate two balls in the Local autism school, one for Senior sports Club and two for the rehabilitation room situated in the sport faculty at the Provincial University.
In all the  facilities a Cuba GSA expert will be trained to work with the balls.
Before receiving these means, Fernando, the Cuba GSA captain, in his journey to Germany latest May 28-June 24 visited a fitness gym in Gross Laasch and got fascinated about practice with the gymnastic balls .
He decided to film a video about the balls exercise to transfer the experience to Cuban authorities.
For his surprise the officials of the German gym wanted to gift 6 balls as post mail sending in these current days. He was very proud to receive this parcel and started the balls distribution before the new year starts.
Certainly the video will be of great help to understand the know-how of the procedure to use the balls in Cuba. We are very sure that in this new occasion Cuba GSA will have lots of strong and challenging tasks that will transform positively the environment of the locality.
Maybe it is not enough to do,  meanwhile we are making  sure to fulfill the slogan that says: Think globally and act locally!
This is as much as we can do now for sustainability.
You can see in the pictures the reception of balls in the Faculty of sports Pinar del Río in the autism school, all they accompanied by our Ecoflag.

Reported by Fernando E. Valladares Fuente (PhD)
The Cuba GSA captain
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