November 20−24, In Cuba, Havana,

At the International Conference Center it was held the VI International
Convention of Physical Activity and Sports under the slogan:
“Sports and human development”. In this occasion 700 experts from
36 countries participated. According to official statistics the attendance
was registered in the following way: 300 Cuban participants and
431 foreign invited delegates.
At the Convention

The workshops, Congresses and lectures involved in the Convention were distributed
into the main topics of active and healthy cities, high performance sports, sport medicine,
applied sciences, sport management, permanent formation of professionals and recreation,
free time and environment.
For GSA interests the most important workshop was focused on this last topic;
the International workshop of Recreation, free time and Environment.
In this chance the scientific session was very active and visited by many
representatives, mainly from Ecuador, Dominican Republic and The United States
of America. From the Central GSA team there was a noticeable representative,
he is MSc. Katsuya Otsu, Project Manager of GSA and Director of the
Japanese Olympic Committee.

With Kats With the President of Surfing Dom.Rep
In his mission Katsuya showed the philosophy and impacts of the GSA throughout the world.
He also revealed some advances about the future Olympics in Tokyo.
Later on, PhD. Captain Fernando E. Valladares Fuente displayed the results and
achievements of the Cuba GSA team. In short this systematic team keeps on contributing
by using the Ecoflag as tool to promote environmental education in sports events.
This work seems that will never stop.
Now he enhances its activities with the support of Tokyo GSA and other teams on the way
to be established (Brazil, Germany and hopefully Dominican Republic this New Year).

Finally it is good to say that Cuba GSA is getting more experience as time goes on,
so we strongly think that united we are stronger to face the climatic changes and
other environmental problems.

S.Down. Ecoflag 1

Thanks Central GSA for your permanent support.

Written by the Cuba GSA Captain