On Sunday, October 1st 2017, bicycle lovers from all of Japan gathered in
Iwate prefecture for “The 6th Tour de Sanriku” ,running through the disaster-stricken
areas of the 3.11 earthquake.


The 600 bikers went around the coast,visiting Rikuzentakata city and Ofunato city
and showing their support. GSA was a special cooperator for this rally, engaging
GSA Tucson Team Captain, and President of the Perimeter Bicycling Association of America (PBAA),
Richard DeBernardis and his friends, participating as volunteer staff for the rally.

ゲストトークショー GSAフース DSC08668

There were five courses prepared for diverse participants, from the 64.1km course that
goes through the picturesque scene of Goishi shore and experienced entrants, to the 20.9km Family Course.

From GSA, 27 people participated as cycling leaders- one per group as a pace-maker-and volunteer staff.
We appreciate all the support we received from everyone. Thank you so much.