March 11,2017
GSA Vice President Naoko Okada and GSA volunteers attended the seventh memorial of the Great East Japan Great Earthquake held at Honzouji temple in Ofunato city, Iwate Prefecture.
We sent messages on paper over the sea, which would dissolve in the water together with prayer.

Upon the siren at two forty-six, we prayed silently. When we thought of how much our friends in Ofunato had been terrified at that time, our eyes filled with tears. There is a long way before this town is completely recovered. We’ll do our best to help although we don’t have much to offer.

【Thank you for the message】
GSA Directors, GSA navigators, Akane Fujisaki and Friends of Korea, Students of Tokai University
CLARK Memorial International High School students, Junshindo Orthopedic Clinic