This year 2017 has woken up new directions of work for Cuba GSA team.
Now after the PhD thesis defense of our captain, things have become more influential
for our students and our staff in general. Our students and athletes continue carrying out
practical actions like educational chats, clean ups, monitoring waters around sport facilities
as can be seen in the pictures. After keeping systematic watch out in our natural reservoirs
they announce the situation of polluted waters to the factories and enterprises which have been
shedding poison to the waters and toxic gas to the air we all breathe.
It is not only the case that implies people in the local territories, our scientific communities
must also be aware of the things we are doing to preserve and defend our environment.

In the pictures we are showing the participation of our Cuba GSA captain and other PhD researchers
whose works have to do directly with environmental education, this time has been in the
International Congress Pedagogy 2017. In this context we raised our voice and claimed for unity
and legal defense towards our common house: The Earth.
Actually we are working with many tools we have created to reach people´s audience and compromise
concerning our green strategies: our Cuba GSA multimedia. The Water Monitoring kits, the Ecoflag,
and others. We really expect to welcome to GSA participation in some conferences we are going to
have this year just to make a balance of what we have done so far and trace new goals for the near future.