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1/26 Japan International Cooperation Agency

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Japan International Cooperation Agency

As part of GSA's Sports-Eco.Net project, GSA collects used sports equipment and distributes it in developing countries through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and we recently received news from JICA staff working in some those countries, whose responsibility it is to administer the sports gear that arrives there.
-Tennis rackets were delivered to a school for the physically challenged in Cheng Mai, Thailand as they prepared for the 2007 Special Olympics in Shanghai. The children were delighted with the gift and the tennis instructors at the school take great care in maintaining the equipment.
-The people of Niger are not so familiar with tennis. It is a sport usually seen only on television, and compared to soccer, which only requires a ball, it is an option for few. In December 2007 a tennis club was established and in response to radio and other advertising, many applications were received to be part of the inaugural class.
With the help of the France Cultural Center, a basketball court is converted into a makeshift tennis court twice a week
News of activities also arrived from other countries including Kenya, Colombia, Butan, and Malawi, and we sincerely thank all those that donated sports equipment to this worthy cause.
Japan International Cooperation Agency

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