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1/12 4 New Team in Central/South America

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4 New Team in Central/South America

Two new GSA Teams have been established in Argentina, as well as one in Guatemala and another in Mexico. The teams are:

1. Team name: GSA Gualeguaychu III [G.A.R.U]
Region: Entre Rios Province, Argentina
Captain: Silvana Carolina Gomez (photo attached)
The team captain is a member of "Agrupacion de Guardafaunas y Guias Ambientales Padre Luis Jeannot Sueiro del Rio Uruguay" and is an expert in Education, Environment and Tourism.
The team will promote the Ecoflag Movement through outdoor activities such as path-walking tours, camping and Ecotourism.
Members: Silvana Carolina Gomez, Ricardo Arturo Rivollier, Carlos Rolando Parada and Alfredo Vicente Casella

2. Team name: GSA Master Mar del Plata
Region: Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
Team Captain: Juan Carlos Leiva
This team will promote the Ecoflag Movement in Athletics.
Partner: Confederacion Atletas Veteranos de la Republica Argentina
Members: Juan Carlos Leiva, Elsa Irma Heer, Maria del Carmen Lemo, Pablo Hernan Leiva, Carlos Nicolas Leiva, Paula Veronica Leiva, Daniel Camargo, Fernando Campos y E. Wachs.

3. Team name: GSA Huatulco Mexico
Region: Province of Oaxaca, Mexico
Team captain: Edgar Pedraza Jimenez
Edgar and his staff wish to promote the Ecoflag movement through his Eco-tourism company (Huatulco A.C.) and Sport Club (Club Sports TRI).
Sports activities: swimming, bicycle and running.

4. Team name: GSA Guatemala
Team Captain: Juan Carlos Monzon Rojas
This team will promote the Ecoflag movement through soccer, athletics, basketball, and tennis.

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