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12/15 Argentinean Teams Established

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Argentinean Teams Established

Two GSA Teams have been established in Argentina, both in the city of San Jose de Gualeguaychu. Situated near the Uruguay border, the city is home to Argentina's most famous carnival.

GSA Estrecho de Magallantes' team captain will be Carlos Rolando Parada, a referees' instructor for the Confederacion Argentina de Futbol de Salon -(CAFS). He will focus on educating trainee referees to include Ecoplay alongside fair play as a part of 5-a-side football culture.

GSA Rividavia Gualeguaychu team captain is Mario Alberto Ramos of the Amity and Progress Sport Club. He will be teaching young kids about the Ecoflag Movement as they enjoy sport. (Club emblem attached)

GSA now has more than 70 teams worldwide.

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