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7/11 Ariegeoise 2007

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Ariegeoise 2007

Patrick François of the European Cycling Association, a GSA partner, released this report from the Ariegeoise 2007'Cycling for All' event.

Tarascon, on the River Ariege, seemed to be under the influence of the clouds and a dubious climate on the evening of Friday June 29, with the 3700 registered riders anxiously scanning the skies, and the key question of the following days weather filling the conversation at the pre-event conference.

The conference was organized magnificently by students in Tourism in the François Mitteraner Arts Center. Jean Claude Eychenne and Patrice Gault, assisted by an omnipresent Christophe Bassons were optimistic about the weather, and indeed with clear skies, heat and thirst became the concern, as temperatures rose over the still snow-covered peaks.

The 7-man Cyclo Patrol took their place at the start to take on their new mission, after their success at the earlier Ardéchoise and Quebrantahuesos events. They received a lot of interest and encouragement in carrying out their function to ensure safety and compliance with the environmental rules of 'Cyclosportives'.

Rising heat adds to the challenging climb to the Port de Lers, with notable performances from Nicolas Ansiaux, Yoann Barbas, Sebastien Serra and Karine Saysset, while Laurent Debaene continued his climb to the top of the Trophée label d'Or

The descent on Auzat was a relief to many, especially those that hadn't reached their training targets, but all were satisfied as they enjoyed a well-earned meal back at the village, in beautiful surroundings by the river.

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