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6/21 "Hokulea" Arrives!

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"Hokulea" Arrives!

The "Hokulea", captained by GSA Navigator, Takuji Araki, which left Hawaii at the beginning of the year, has reached its final port of call in Yokohama.

The "Hokulea" is a replica of the kind of traditional canoe that the Polynesians used to travel between the islands. Moreover, "Hokulea" was sailed without a compass or maps, but by using 'star navigation'-finding its way through studying the night sky and the condition of the sea.

The voyage from Hawaii passed the Marshall Islands, Okinawa, Kyushu, and Shikoku, reaching Yokohama on 9 June after 149 days.

The trip was organized to deepen exchange between Japan and Polynesia and carried the following messages; a desire to forge friendships between Japan and Hawaii; wishing for global peace; increasing environmental awareness; and giving "dreams" to children.

In July Takuji will take to the seas again in "Sabani"-a traditional Okinawan fishing boat.

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