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3/30 World Water Day 2007

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World Water Day 2007

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The 'Centre Sportif Fayda', directed by Gerard SAMBOU (GSA Dakar Team Captain), in collaboration with the Franco-Senegalaise School of Dial DIOP and the School of Nema Bah, organized a week-long program of events from 19-23 March 2007 to celebrate World Water Day in the village of Nema Bah located in the Fatick area of Senegal.

After visiting the forests of Soutoutou, the National park of the Saloum Delta, and the Island with the birds, we celebrated World Water Day (March 22) under a theme of, "Facing the Water shortage: Water for Nema Bah".

The village of Nema Bah is confronting a drinking water problem. The Centre Sportif Fayda planned to dig a well for the village and to improve their living conditions with gifts of food and school stationery (rice, sugar, oil, milk, books, pens, rulers ....).

To round off World Water Day, a volleyball tournament was organized for the schools of Nema Bah, Dassilame Serere and the Franco-Senegalaise School of Dial DIOP, Dakar.

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