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4/06 GSA Captains Meeting in Okinawa

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NPO Sports Club Esperanza Kumamoto

GSA Yashiro team captain, Seiji Mitsunaga, who is the general manager of the soccer club Esperanza Kumamoto, has established his organization as a non-profit entity, NPO Sports Club Esperanza Kumamoto.
A party was held on 21 March to commemorate the event and GSA Executive Director, Tatsuo Okada gave a lecture on the role of the NPO in developing a clean air society. The club staff, players and youth players were interested to learn about the connection between sport and the environment and the role that clubs and supporters can play.
NPO Sports Club Esperanza Kumamoto will be working to promote sport, deepen community friendship, teach children and promote healthy living through the enjoyment of sport in rich nature.

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