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2/22 Shimabara Gamadasu Soccer League

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Shimabara Gamadasu Soccer League

The Shimabara Gamadasu Soccer League got under way on 17 February and thanks to the efforts of GSA Kyushu/ Okinawa Team Captain, Hiroyuki Ito, a specially designed Ecoflag was brought onto the pitch next to FIFA's Fair Play flag.
Gamadasu is a colloquial expression from Nagasaki meaning 'fight hard', and carries particular significance in the wake of recovery efforts after the Unzen Dake volcanic eruption some years ago.
Unfortunately the weather wasn't so good, but plenty of fans showed up at the Shimabara Atheltic Stadium to lend their support and watch local league champions, V. Varen Nagasaki beat SC Tottori (JFA) and Sagan Tosu (J2).
The Ecoflag was paraded onto the field before the match and flew alongside the Fair Play and individual team flags throughout, while the meaning of the Ecoflag Movement was explained with the regular public service announcements.
On 24 February, Avispa Fukuoka face Oita Trinita-both teams promoting the Ecoflag Movement, and GSA Kyushi/ Okinawa will be working to promote awareness through those and all other events.
Hiroyuki Ito, GSA Kyushu/ Okinawa

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