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2/05 All Skiff Regatta Down Under

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All Skiff Regatta Down Under

The Royal Geelong Yacht Club hosted the first ever All Skiff Regatta from January 12-22, 2007. This landmark event was the first time all the primary racing skiffs sailed at the same venue at the same time. There were 124 boats with over 400 participants.

There has been a serious drought in Australia for the last seven years, and water conservation, by necessity, has become a part of all aspects of life, including boating.

The Royal Geelong Yacht Club is part of a national demonstration water reclamation project. This Yacht club is the first place where recycled wastewater for washing down boats has been cleaned on site for reuse.

Many large and small boats are hauled out of the ocean daily. The salt water must be removed from the boats prior to repairs, painting, and general maintenance. The system catches the water in a series of French drains, and pumps it back to fresh water processing filters. After processing it the water is stored in tanks near the haul-out area and used to wash boats down again.

When I asked the club officials if they would support clean air and clean water by flying the Ecoflag during the sailing event they did not hesitate to say "YES". They gave me a tour of their water recycling system and a history of the project, which is a collaborative government effort between the Federal, State (Victoria), and local authorities.

The Royal Geelong Yacht Club provided oversight and man power, and some of the primary people involved include Harry Farrell, the General Manager, Mr. Rodney Discoll, and the Commodore of the Yacht club at the time. Mr. Peter Bone. The Honorable State senator from Geelong, Judith Troeth, opened the water recycling system on April 11, 2003.

This type of combined government and private effort is the model for our future and is directly in line with the Ecoflag ethic. We applaud the innovative and cost saving efforts of all involved. Andy and Maureen Bates from Hawaii are seen with the Ecoflag on there International 14 sail logo. This is an environmentally conscious Play Girl Bunny!!!
Report by Andy Bates, GSA Hawaii Team Captain
See attached pdf file for more photos

The Royal Geelong Yacht Club

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