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10/26 GSA Spain: Canoe Polo 2006 President Trophy

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GSA Spain: Canoe Polo 2006 President Trophy

Taking advantage of the infrastructure created for the 7th European Canoe Polo Club Championship 2006, club teams from Madrid competed for the 2006 President's trophy in the Men's Senior, Ladies' Senior and Under 18 categories. GSA Spain acted as consultant for Federación Madrileña de Piragüismo to conserve the environment care basics while flying the Ecoflag.

The championship took place at Puerta de Hierro Sports Center, gathering for the first time all the clubs enrolled in the Coumunidad de Madrid. The President Trophy honors the Chairman of the Federación Madrileña de Piragüismo who is fulfilling a great effort in order to promote this sport, not only at Puerta de Hierro pool (the biggest in Europe) but also at some other water facilities within the Coumunidad de Madrid.

Eight men and ladies teams, more than sixty players from all over Madrid gathered to pay tribute to their president in a relaxed and festive day. It has been a pleasure for GSA Spain to collaborate in this activity as most of the players had been volunteers at the European Canoe Polo Clubs Championship just two weeks ago, and all them were highly concerned about environmental care and upholding sustainable development.

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