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8/25 GSA Tajima Beach Clean Up

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GSA Tajima Beach Clean Up

4-man beach volleyball, beach soccer and the chance to experience a variety of marine sports was on offer at the Beach Festa 2006 event in Shin Onsen town, Hyogo prefecture.

The area boasts some beautiful coastline and is included in the "Japan top 100 coastlines of white sand and green pines". However, locals say that a typhoon some years ago deposited a huge amount of debris and driftwood-the effects of which still remain. After the initial opening ceremony therefore, all those involved got stuck into cleaning up the beach and the collected garbage was then separated for disposal by the town.

According to those involved, this event was inspired by a visit from Kenataro Asahi, a GSA Navigator and pro beach volleyball player, who encouraged the locals to discover the joy of the sport. Beach volleyball players Shigeru Aoyama, Katsuyuki Minami, Kazuhiro Adachi, Isamu Asakura, and player/ coach Kazuyuki Takao took part as guests at the event, teaching participants about the fun and finer points of the game through exhibition matches and workshops

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