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5/19 The Fourth I-14 Pacific Rim Championships

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The Fourth I-14 Pacific Rim Championships

The Kaneohe Yacht Club (KYC) and the Hawaii I-14 Fleet hosted the 4th I-14 Pacific Rim Championships from 29th April to 2nd May, sponsored by NPO Global Sports Alliance (GSA), Horizon Lines, Maersk Line, and West Marine. GSA's Ecoflag was fixed to the sides of the I-14s, carrying an environmental message, and all the corporate sponsors support this initiative, practicing environmentally sound business, as they are all dependent on the ocean.

There are three distinct events associated with the Pac Rim races. An 8-race series spread over three days, a junior sailing day on Sunday morning where junior sailors from all over Oahu are invited to come ride on an I-14, and the Hawaii State Championship distance race on the forth and final day.

This year, 28 boats raced the 8-race series, which was won by Zach Berkowitz, a former I-14 World Champion and his crew Mike Morten. Tina and Trevor Baylis (also a former world I-14 Champion) came second. In the B-Fleet with shorter rigs, Aussie skipper Stewart Vickery and local British crew, Richard Argall took first place, followed by locals Doug White and Todd Erikson.

The Hawaii State Championship was sailed on Tuesday, and won by local Waikiki I-14ers, Ned Murphy and Rob Woods. Elise Leroux and Tom Pochereva were the first KYC finishers in 4th place.

The Junior sailing event attracted a number of KYC juniors as well as some from Pearl Harbor and Waikiki Yacht Club's. The sailing lasted two hours and there were huge grins on the young sailors when they got back ashore.

Thanks again to all the volunteers, sponsors, and staff for their support of this memorable event.

Report by Andy Bates
GSA Hawaii

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(Photographer: Sean Trew)

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