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4/14 GSA Supports 14th Ie Island Marathon

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GSA Supports 14th Ie Island Marathon

GSA Ie Island formed at the end of last year and centered around its team captain, Toyofumi Fukuchi has been involved in promoting the Ecoflag Movement, as well as tree planting activities around the Island.
The teams latest action have been to support the 14th annual Ie Island Marathon that took place on 9 April, and GSA Executive Director, Tatsuo Okada visited the event. Making a speech to the participants at the event's welcome party he outlined the goals of the Ecoflag Movement and a collection was made to support tree-planting activities on the Island.
GSA Ie Island operates under the wing of the YYY Ie Resort. Team Captain Toyofumi Fukuchi is a seasoned sailor who last year captained the support vessel for Takuji Araki's Sabani (a traditional Okinawan fishing vessel) Expedition.

YYY Ie Resort
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GSA Ie Island Established (6 January 2006)

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