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3/09 First GSA Bangladesh Tennis Tournament

GSA news

First GSA Bangladesh Tennis Tournament

Marking the first actions of GSA Bangladesh, Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protishtan (BKSP)-the Bangladesh Institute of Sports--organized a special tennis event, in an effort to increase interest in the sport and promote environmental awareness.
NGO ekmattra, an organization providing assistance in the country, invited local children living in a slum to take part in a special hour long lesson provided by BKSP, after which everyone joined forces to take part in an environmental clean up.
According to Fusako Hojo of GSA Bangladesh, "At first, even the players belonging to BKSP couldn't understand why they had pick up garbage. However, when I explained how 'we can't train if the air is polluted or play sports if they environment is degraded', they finally understood the message. After we'd finished they remarked that the area had become beautiful enough to play cricket on."
From now on, the plan is to hold the event every 3 months.

NGO ekmattra:

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