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3/03 Soccer Uniforms Donated to Afghanistan

GSA news

Soccer Uniforms Donated to Afghanistan

To aid in recovery programs for Afghanistan, GSA Tokyo and GSA Saitama are working together to donate soccer uniforms to the country.
Through appealing to supporters and sponsors, we were able to collect a great deal of equipment and we send our gratitude and appreciation to all those that were able to respond. The uniforms will be delivered by GSA Saitaima's Minoru Kato, who will leaves Japan on 6 March, flying to Pakistan and then traveling by road to Jalalabad. Minoru has already been involved in four initiatives to raise funds for rehabilitation work in Afghanistan, raising 3,000,000 yen (USD 26,000). The donated funds were channeled through Japanese NGOs working in the country and went towards projects such as building a soccer ground at Jalalabad's Nangarhar University.
Organizations involved in donating uniforms were:
Adidas Japan
Sports Authority
NPO Urawa Sports Club
Kasukabe Junior High School
Thanks to all the GSA members and supporters that helped promote the collection.
(Photo: GSA Tokyo staff sort the uniforms before boxing.)

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