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2/24 GSA -AEC to Cooperate on European Cycling Events

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GSA -AEC to Cooperate on European Cycling Events

Increasing environmental awareness and action was high on the agenda at the 4th Assises Europeennes du Cyclosport (AEC) "Cycling for all" meeting on 11-12 February in Saint Felicien, France. Among the outcomes was a move to form closer ties with NPO Global Sports Alliance (GSA) and the European Cycing Association (AEC) to raise environmental awareness at five important cycling events taking part in Europe. The events are:

- L'Ardechoise (Ardeche/France), approximately 13500 riders
- L'Ariegeoise (Ariège/France), approximately 4000 riders
- La Quebrantahuesos (Aragon/Spain), approximately 6500 riders
- Les Bosses du 13 (Marseille/France), approximately 3500 riders
- Location to be selected in Italy, with approximately 4-6000 riders

The organizers of those events will meet together in early April, under the leadership of the AEC, and determinate the details of the cooperation with GSA and the Ecoflag Movement.

Photo (left to right):
David Lappartient, UCI President of Cycling for All Commission
Jean Claude Eychenne, Ariegeoise event organizer
Gerard Mistler, Ardechoise event organizer
Roberto Iglesias, Quebrantahuesos event organizer
Patrick François, AEC President

Reports of the meeting can be seen on the following websites:

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