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2/21 SSE 2005 Sculpture Moves to Green Tennis Club

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SSE 2005 Sculpture Moves to Green Tennis Club

In the months leading up to the Sports Summit for the Environment (SSE) 2005, held at the World Expo in Aichi last year on 31 July 2005, a special Commemorative Sculpture was set up at various locations to collect used tennis balls on which visitors had written messages for 'peace and the environment'.

The Commemorative Sculpture that was used to collect the balls has now been set up at the Nagoya Green Tennis Club so that club members can throw in their old tennis balls, worn out through competition.

About 5000 tennis balls were collected in the monument last year and these are currently being transformed into RECYCL'art (art pieces made from recycled sports equipment) by artist Kiraku Kubota.

The Commemorative Sculpture will be set up on 23 March with a completion ceremony held on 26th.

SSE 2005

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