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1/06 GSA Ie Island Established

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GSA Ie Island Established

While visiting Ie Island in Okinawa, GSA Executive Director, Tatsuo Okada paid a visit to Mayor Oshima of Ie Village. He outlined the main points of the speech he was to deliver the following day at the YYY Ie Resort, alongside Takuji Araki, a locally based ocean athlete whose sailing expeditions help promote environmental awareness.
Impressed by GSA's Ecoflag Movement, it was decided to fly the flag at the Ie Island Marathon that takes place every April, and to get involved in increasing environmental awareness at Primary and Junior schools in the area. In order to coordinate these efforts, as well as provide support to Takiji Araki's sailing expeditions, GSA Ie Island has been established with Toyofumi Fukuchi acting as team captain. GSA Ie Island is the eighth GSA team to be set up in Japan.

Many thanks to Hirohisa Suzuki of JOT International for arranging the meeting.

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