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10/14 SCG GSA Team Established

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SCG GSA Team Established

A group of sports enthusiasts from Serbia and Montenegro decided to form a GSA Team called "SCG GSA Team" at the end of September and take some actions with the Ecoflag Movement.
Our first opportunity to take action was on September 22-24th 2005. at Rajac mountain (about 150km south from SCG capital Belgrade) where the sport club "Pobeda" from Belgrade organized " The day of clear mountains".

During that weekend, the Ecoflag was flying for the first time at a sports event in Serbia and Montenegro (see photo enclosed: at the finish of Orienteering marathon race).
Also, this was an excellent place to take environmental action: reduction of garbage, garbage separation and to spread commitment to Ecoflag movement among athletes.
SCG GSA Team is currently preparing a detailed action programme for 2006.
Report by Zoran Milovanovic, Captain of GSA Serbia and Montenegro

SCG GSA Team (Serbia and Montenegro)
Zoran Milovanovic, Captain
Anita Tatalovic, member (secretary)
Valijant Trifunovic,member (finance)
Aleksandra Nestorov, member (pr & media)
Milica Stanojevic, member (implementation officer for Belgrade University)

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