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8/10 SSE 2005 Concludes With Declaration

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SSE 2005 Concludes With Declaration

Representatives of UN agencies, international sports associations and federations joined the Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition, the Chunichi Shimbun, Global Sports Alliance (GSA) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) at the Sport Summit for the Environment, which took place in Nagoya and at the World Exposition-AICHI EXPO 2005 from 30 and 31 July to promote environmental awareness and action among sports enthusiasts worldwide.
The Summit aimed to recognize and encourage grassroots environmental initiatives through sport, as well as promoting new programs. It also concluded with a declaration of commitments on the environment signed by sport organizations, sport stars and the public.

The joint declaration states as follows:

"We recognize that a healthy environment, with clean air and water, is a product of natural ecosystems and essential for those who play sports. We therefore declare that we are committed to reducing pollution and enriching the natural environment so that future generations can enjoy sports as we do now."
Sports Summit for the Environment, 31 July, 2005 Aichi, Japan

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