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12/10 GSA Forms Partnership with Hellenic Volleyball Federation

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GSA Forms Partnership with Hellenic Volleyball Federation

During a recent trip to Europe, GSA Executive Director, Tatsuo Okada visited Greece at the invitation of the Hellenic Volleyball Federation.
With the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) extending its beach clean activities and environmental collaboration with GSA into 2005, the Hellenic Volleyball Federation and GSA agreed to form a partnership and sign a Memorandum of Understanding.
The Ecoflag will be flown at all national beach volleyball tournaments next year as part of an environmental campaign that will include an educational campaign under the "Keep the beach clean-think environment!" slogan that is currently being used by the FIVB.
Having already formed partnerships with the FIVB and Rhodes city, we are anticipating tremendous developments from the Ecoflag Movement in Greece.



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