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09/24 Tennis Goods Recycling at the Ariake Tennis Day

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Tennis Goods Recycling at the Ariake Tennis Day

GSA were collecting old or unused tennis racket and balls at this "Tennis Day" event, which took place at "Ariake Tennis no Mori" in Tokyo's Koto Ward. Started in 1998, "Tennis Day" seeks to promote and develop the game of tennis and is supported by organizations such as the Japan Tennis Association (JTA), the Japan Pro Tennis Association (JPTA) and the Japan Tennis Industry Association (JTIA).
GSA has been involved in the event, which includes events across the nation, since 2002 and this year we collected over 6000 tennis balls and 69 rackets.
The tennis balls will go to schools in Kumamoto as part of GSA's tennis balls reuse project, and the tennis rackets will be either donated or sold through the Tennis Support Center (a GSA Corporate sponsor) to raise funds for GSA's sporting goods recycle program, Sports-Eco.Net.
Many thanks to all those that donated equipment.

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